Super Seaweed

We were really lucky this morning when Mrs Herschel who is a marine ecologist came to talk to us about seaweed. Both children and staff learnt a lot. Did you know that seaweed can be used as suncream, or that it is an ingredient in ice cream, ketchup and toothpaste? We also learnt that seaweed is more important to the world ecosystem than trees!

The children got to explore lots of different types of seaweed, were able to wash their hands with seaweed soap, taste different types of seaweed food and draw and label the different parts of the seaweed.

Some children chose to carry on their learning in the Discovery Zone afterwards where they made some seaweed and wrote stories about seaweed.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Herschel for taking the time to come in and share her expertise with us.


Weekly Note w.b. 17.7.17

Dear parents and carers

Next week is our final week of term!

You will receive your child’s school report in an envelope sent home on Monday afternoon. In the envelope will also be a Welcome to Year 2 booklet and card with a photo of your child with their new Year 2 class.

Carrier Bag

Please could all children bring a named carrier bag into school on Monday ready for when we start to send work home later in the week. Please note that some pieces of Captain Cook art work will be kept in school as we are putting up a display in the foyer for September. Work will be returned to the children later in the term.


Please have a good hunt around home this weekend and return all banded reading books and any outstanding library books to school on Monday. No new books will be sent home next week.

End of Term

School finishes at 1pm on Friday 21st July. Children do not need to bring lunch on this day but may bring a second snack e.g. a bag of crisps, sausage roll or biscuits in addition to their normal fruit snack.

We wish you all a very happy summer holiday


Many thanks

Year 1 team


Weekly Note w.b. 26.6.17

Dear Parents/carers



In maths we are going to go back to revisit work on finding a half and a quarter of shapes and quantities of objects. We will then move on to simple sharing problems e.g. If I have 12 sweets and share them between 3 friends, how many will they get each? Children will be able to use practical objects to work out the answers.

Lots of children are making good progress with their Rainbow Maths Targets. Please continue all the great practise that you have been doing at home.


Sports Day

Infant sports day has been rescheduled to the afternoon of Thursday 6th July. All of the arrangements will remain the same as previously stated.


Sponsored Swim

Please could sponsored swimming forms be returned to school before your child’s swimming session. If you are able to help to count lengths then please let your class teacher know.

Mrs Bramley – Monday 26th June 9.00-10.30am

Mrs Boscher – Thursday 29th June 9.15-10.20am

Miss Horsepool – Tuesday 4th July 9.15am-10.30am (Please note that this is the week after most other classes)


Infant Disco

The PTA have organised an infant disco on Friday 14th July. If any parents are willing to help out at the disco, please could they email  merylsnedden@gmail.com or text  on 07781 414270.


Over the next 3 weeks children will be spending a number of session in their new class groups with their new class teachers. We hope that this will help their transition to Year 2.


Many thanks

Year 1 team


Weekly Note w/c 19.6.17

The children have had an epic week this week and have had fun trying out different activities each afternoon. We hope you have enjoyed hearing about what they have been up to!

Next week we will begin to start our topic unit on Captain Cook. We will be teaching this as topic lessons and during our Literacy sessions for the next few weeks. The children will be learning about his voyages and we will be finding out about some of the countries which he explored including New Zealand, Australia and Antarctica.

In maths next week the children will be working with money again, this finding the change by working out the difference.

Sports Day is on Tuesday 20th June. Children can come to school on this day wearing their PE kit with trainers and a t-shirt in the colour of their class team.

Miss Horsepool’s Class – Red

Mrs Bramley’s Class – Green

Mrs Boscher’s Class – Yellow

The activities will begin in the afternoon at 1.15 with the final races at around 2.15. You are welcome to come and support your child.

Please could you ensure that your child  has a sunhat and water bottle for sports day and ensure that suncream is applied before school. Should you wish to reapply sun cream to your child for the afternoon, please feel free to do so once we have come out onto the field and the children are lined up ready for their activities.

Miss Horsepool’s class will still be swimming on Sports Day so please could they bring their swimming things.

Thank you for your support.

The Year 1 team


Sun Safety

Now that the weather is hot and sunny (and we hope it lasts!) please could you ensure that your child brings a sun hat to school every day. Children are out in the fresh air for playtimes and lunchtimes as well as learning outside so it is important that they are protected from the sun. We do have a small supply of spare hats which children will wear if they forget theirs.

Please could you also ensure that suncream is applied everyday before school.

Thank you for your support.


Weekly Note w.b. 12.6.17

Dear parents/carers


New Topic – The Sea

We have just begun a new topic all about The Sea. We shall be learning about Captain Cook and his voyages during our lessons and through activities in the Discovery Zone.



Next week is EPIC week! Children in Years 1 and 2 will be working in mixed groups doing different activities with different teachers each day.  On Friday afternoon we shall be holding a whole school celebration on the field with dancing and ice creams.

Teachers have allocated children a different activity each day which will give them the opportunity to try lots of new things including cooking, art, science, coding, dance, tag rugby and playground games.

Children do not need to wear uniform but please could they all wear trainers every day in case they are doing games activities.

We hope that they come home and tell you how epic each day has been!


Sponsored Swim

Your child should now have brought home a sponsorship form for our sponsored swim during the last week of June. You are invited to come in and watch your child swim if you wish.

Mrs Bramley’s class – Monday 26th June  9.15-10.15am

Mrs Bosher’s class – Thursday 29th June 9.15-10.40am

Please note, that Miss Horsepool’s class will be holding their sponsored swim the week after on Tuesday 4th July from 9.15-10.30am.


Sports Day

Our infant sports day is going to be on the afternoon of Tuesday 20th June. More information will be to follow.


Many thanks

Year 1 team


Weekly Note w/c 5.6.17

Dear Parents/Carers

This week we will be continuing with our story ‘Handa’s Surprise’. The children have learnt the story really well using actions to help them and so now they will have the opportunity to ‘innovate’ their stories to include different characters and settings. They will then get to write their new innovated stories, very exciting!

In numeracy we will looking at finding the difference of numbers. We will continue to work on rainbow maths targets so don’t forget to keep practising these at home. Click on the link for some activities that will help with these.

A reminder about bringing in hats for the warmer weather and please ensure that your children have suncream so that they don’t get burnt.

Next week is half term so we hope you enjoy a week off.

Year 1 team


Weekly Note – w/c 22.5.17

Dear parents/carers


Next week in maths we are revisiting addition strategies, including adding 3 numbers together.



We have now begun a new literacy unit using the text ‘Handa’s Surprise.’ This week children have enjoyed tasting and describing different fruits and we have been learning the text using a story map and actions.



Just a reminder about the swimming swap next week:

Mrs Boscher’s Class will be swimming on Monday 22nd May at 9am (usually Mrs Bramley’s Class’s time) and Mrs Bramley’s Class will be swimming at 9am on Thursday 25th May (usually Mrs Boscher’s Class time).

Please could children bring their swimming kit on these days instead of their usual swimming day, just for next week. If you usually come and help, or are able to help with swimming please could you let your child’s teacher know if you are able to help with this change of date.


Sun hats, sun cream and coats!

Could we please ask that all children have a sun hat in school every day. The weather is very changeable at the moment and we have had some cloudy and dull mornings which have turned into very hot afternoons.  All hats should be clearly named and can be kept in their tray.

Equally, some warm mornings turn chilly and rainy.  Please could children bring coats to school so that they are prepared for a drizzly lunch hour and can still play outside during our outdoor learning sessions if they wish.



On Tuesdays could trainers be brought to school for our afternoon lesson but not worn to school. Children should still wear their usual black school shoes in the morning.


Half Term

Just a reminder that the week beginning the 29th May is Half Term. We look forward to seeing the children back on Monday 5th June.


Many thanks

Year 1 team