Rainbow Maths Targets – Addition and Subtraction



Here are some online activities which you can use to help your child practise their addition and subtraction targets.

One More and One Less

One more and one less than a number  (goes up to 30)

Monkey Jump (challenge the children to say the number one more than before they make the monkey jump!)

Find one more

1 or 2 more target game

Addition and Subtraction

Number Bond Machine (number bonds to 5)

Ghostblasters  (remember to change the target number before you start playing)

Alien Pairs (number bonds to 10)

Simple Addition Stories

Minus Mission

Sum Sense Addition

Sum Sense Subtraction


Other Resources

– A good app that we use in school to help children practise addition and subtraction is ‘Squeebles Addition and Subtraction‘ (there is a small charge for this app)

– Using the level 1 on ‘live’ Mathletics will help children to improve their speed and accuracy of addition of numbers to 10.


Rainbow Maths Targets – Number Bonds and Doubling


Here are some online activities which you can use to help your child practise their targets based on number bonds and doubling.

Number Bonds

Hit the Button (also available as an app)

Save the Whale

Alien Number Bonds

Ghost Blasters (change the starting number to 10 or 20)

Number Bond Machine

Number Twins

Number Bond Balls


Doubling Machine

Hit the Button – Doubles

Hit the Button – Halves

Monkey Driving

Ladybird Doubles

Dartboard Doubles


Literacy – Sentence Openers

To try and make their writing more interesting, children need to try and begin their sentences in different ways. Here are some ideas you could try to help you child achieve this.

  • Using your child’s reading book, ask them to find and read the word at the start of each sentence. They could write a list of each different word which they find. How many different words are used?
  • Look at a picture (it could be one in a reading book). Ask children to tell you sentences or ask questions about what is happening in the picture, trying to use a different word at the beginning of each sentence. Challenge them to see how many different sentences they can think of. eg. The boy is riding his bike. Do you see the black cat. What is the girl doing? Can you see the pretty bird?  Children might like to write their sentences down.