Weekly Note – w/c 12.2.18

Dear Parents and Carers,

The children all looked fabulous dressed up as different book characters today and we enjoyed hearing about their favourite stories.


As part of the whole school science focus next week, each class will be looking at paper spinners and children will be challenged to investigate different sizes and shapes to see which one stays in the air the longest. More details will be sent home next week if your child would like to continue this investigation at home.


In Literacy next week we will be continuing our work on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children are learning to re-tell the story using a story map and actions to help. The story map is below if your child would like to use it to re-tell you the story at home. We will also be doing some sentence work based on the story.



In maths next week the children will be using their addition and subtraction skills to help them solve word problems.

Spare Uniform

If your child has worn spare uniform home and you haven’t returned it yet, please could it be returned to school as soon as possible because we are very low on spare clothes and with the wet weather, we are finding that we are needing them more often than usual.

Thank you for your support.

The Year 1 Team


Help still needed please

Mrs Bramley’s and Miss Horsepool’s Classes still require 1 more parent helper in order to have the right child to adult ratio for our trip to the library tomorrow. If you are able to help please could you let us know as soon as possible. Thank you to those parents who have already offered their help, we really appreciate it. Mrs Boscher already has enough parents for her visit on Friday.


Discovery Zone Open Afternoons

There was a bit of confusion over the dates for the Discovery Zone Open Afternoons on the original blog post (this has now been corrected). Please accept our apologies for any confusion, The correct times and dates are as follows:

Tuesday 30th January @ 2.00-2.45pm- Miss Horsepool’s class

Wednesday 31st January @ 2.00-2.45pm – Mrs Bramley’s class

Friday 2nd February @ 2.00-2.45pm – Mrs Boscher’s class

Thank you, and we look forward to you joining us.


Weekly Note -w/c 15.1.18

The children are enjoying our new topic of monsters in the Discovery Zone and were very excited to find that Marty the Monster has moved in with his dark den. Marty only comes out at night because he is afraid of the dark so he writes letters to the children. The children have been enjoying writing back to him and posting their letters in his post box.

In literacy next week we will be looking at descriptions and asking the children to write sentences to describe a monster.

In maths next week we will be looking at doubling with monsters.


Discovery Zone Open Afternoons

We would like to invite you to come and spend an afternoon with your child while they are learning in the Discovery Zone so that they can show you their favourite activities.

Miss Horsepool’s Class – Tuesday 30th January 2-3pm

Mrs Bramley’s Class – Wednesday 31st January 2-3pm

Mrs Boscher’s Class – Friday 2nd February 2-3pm


Library Visit

We will be visiting the Guilles Alles Library in town where the children will listen to some stories about monsters and do a craft activity based on monsters. We will need some parent helpers for this trip please so that we have the right child to adult ratio. If you are able to help, please could you let your child’s class teacher know.

Mrs Bramley and Miss Horsepool’s Class will be going on Tuesday 23rd January from 9-11am

Mrs Boscher’s Class will be going on Friday 26th January from 9-11am


Thank you for your support,

The Year 1 team





Weekly Note w/c 8.1.18

Welcome back, we hope you had a lovely holiday and wish you a Happy New Year.

This term the Discovery Zone’s focus will be on space and monsters. We will also link into this topic during our literacy lessons. Our Rainbow Targets this term will focus on doubles and halves, more details will follow shortly.

This term we are going to be teaching the children how to use money in a real life situation. Each day, the children will receive 50p in a mixture of coins to use to ‘pay’ for items and equipment in the Discovery Zone eg. 5 minutes in the messy will cost 10p, a box in the junk modelling will cost 2p. Children will be able to practice using different combinations of coins to pay for amounts and we will move onto calculating change as they are ready. For this work, we will be using real coins. Should you find that any coins make their way home, please could they be returned.

Our PE sessions continue to be on a Wednesday. Mrs Bramley’s and Mrs Boscher’s Classes will be doing indoor PE so will just need a white t-shirt and black shorts. Miss Horsepool’s Class will be doing outdoor games so will need trainers and warm outdoor clothes eg. joggers, t-shirt and a jumper.

Please could you ensure that your child brings a coat to school everyday. Please could ALL items that come into school be clearly named as this helps us to avoid lots of lost property.

This term, our visitors from Le Platon Home will be working in the Discovery Zone with Mrs Boscher’s Class.

We are looking forward to a busy and exciting term.

The Year 1 Team


Help still needed please

If you are able to help accompany the children to the church on Wednesday morning at 11.15 so that they can watch the Year 5 Christmas play please could you let your child’s teacher know asap. We currently won’t be able to go as we don’t have enough adults for the correct ratio which we need. Thank you to those parents/grandparents who have already said they they can help.




Weekly Note w/c 27.11.17

Thank you to everyone who has sent in photographs or brought in old toys to share with their class. We will be continuing our learning about old toys this week with our trip to Candie Museum where children will learn about old toys from the fifties and sixties as well as from the Victorian period. Thank you to everyone who is able to accompany us on these trips. We will also have old toys for the children to explore and play with in the Discovery Zone.

In literacy next week we will be looking at the book Dogger by Shirley Hughes. This story is about a little boy who loses his toy dog so we will also be linking this to our PSHE work by thinking about different feelings.

In maths next week we will be continuing our work on addition; starting with the largest number and counting on and using cubes and number lines to help us.

Christmas Concert

We are now beginning our Christmas Concert rehearsals. Children should now have brought home a letter letting you know their part and the costume they will need. Please let us know if you have are having any difficulties sourcing anything for your child’s costume. Children who are saying lines will bring these home to practise.

Christmas Hampers

Thank you to everyone who has already donated items for the PTA Christmas Hampers. Year 1 are asked to bring in anything ‘Christmas’ eg wrapping paper, ribbons, baubles, cards, food (please ensure the useby date is after 8th December). Items can be left in the box by the office.

High Visibility Vests

Blue Islands have very kindly donated some high visibility vests for Reception and Year 1 children to help them be seen better in the dark. Your child will be bringing theirs home today.


Thank you for your support,

The Year 1 Team


Museum Trip Helpers

If you are able to help with our trip to the museum next week, please could you let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible. We currently do not have enough helpers to provide the correct ratio of adults to children so will not be able to go unless we do.

Miss Horsepool’s Class – Monday 27th November 10 – 12

Mrs Bramley’s Class – Tuesday 28th November 10 – 12

Mrs Boscher’s Class – Friday 1st December 10 – 12


Update – Mrs Bramley’s Class now have enough parents – thank you to those who have volunteered. The other classes are still in need of more helpers.


Thank you.


Lost LOL Dolls

Molly has lost her LOL Doll. Here is a message from her mum:

Help please!!
Very sad crying daughter 😞
Molly has lost Her lol surprise doll she’s only just received it for her birthday (it’s like this one in the photo below but with a different outfit on) hopefully some one has picked it up by mistake from Mrs Bramley’s class thank you so much.

Evie from Mrs Boscher’s Class has also lost her LOL Doll. It looks similar to the picture above but has white hair and different clothes.

If you find either of these dolls please could they be given to class teachers. Thank you

Please could we remind you that children should not bring toys into school. They have the opportunity to bring a toy in to show the class when they are the star of the week.

Thank you


Weekly Note w/c 6.11.17

The children really enjoyed the local area walks this week. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came with us to help.

In the Discovery Zone the children have been inspired this week by our local area and have been drawing maps and making road ways with the bricks.


We kindly ask that library books are brought back each week so that other children can have the opportunity to enjoy them and to give your child the chance to choose some more to bring home to share.

Our library days are:

Tuesday: Mrs Bramley

Wednesday: Mrs Boscher

Thursday: Miss Horsepool


Home Learning Challenge

To link in with our local area work, if you would like to, please could you and your child draw/make (eg. with Lego bricks) a map of their journey to school. Ask the children to think about the different things that they go past or see eg. shops, businesses, parish halls, traffic lights, zebra crossings etc. and add then on to your map. Please send the maps (or a photo) in so that children can share them with the class.



In Numeracy next week we will be doing some work on tens and units. Children will be thinking about making teens numbers with Numicon, ordering numbers and partitioning larger numbers into tens and units. We will also be continuing to work on the Rainbow Targets and will start testing them in class. We will send the sheets home so that you can see how your children are getting on. Please note that the children have 1 minute to do the 10 questions.


In Literacy next week we will be continuing our work on ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. As this is a Talk for Writing unit, we are doing lots of work on re-telling the story and learning it by heart using actions to help us. Here is a copy of the story map which we are using in class. Your child might like to tell you the story at home. Click here to see the author Michael Rosen performing to story with actions.











Thank you for your support

The Year 1 Team