Week Beginning 4.12.17

Dear parents/carers

Thankyou to all the parent and grandparent helpers who came with us to Candie Museum. The children really enjoyed the visit and the experience of visiting a museum, meeting people who work in a museum and looking at the old toys is very valuable. We are following up on this work in school, mainly in the Discovery Zone where we have some examples of old toys for the children to handle.


Next week we shall be continuing our work on old toys and the story ‘Dogger.’ We will then begin work on the Christmas Story.


Visit to the Church

We shall be visiting the church to watch Year 5’s Christmas Concert on Wednesday 13th December.

We will need some additional adult helpers to accompany us. If you are able to join us from 11am please let your class teacher know. We should be back at school by 12.15pm.


Christmas Concert

Please could all children bring in their costumes for the concert in by Monday 4th.

Well done to all the children with speaking parts who have already learned their lines. It would be really helpful if these could continue be rehearsed at home as this will make the children feel more confident when it comes to the performance.

The concert performance for parents will be at 2pm on Tuesday 12th December. As space is limited in the hall, two tickets per child will be sent home.


Christmas Party

The Infant Christmas party will be on Thursday 14th December. On this day children can come to school in their party clothes but please can we ask that sensible shoes are worn. (no heeled shoes please)

A separate paper letter has been sent about food. As a reminder please could you provide the following foods (enough for 5-6 children)

Mrs Bramley’s class – sandwiches/rolls e.g. egg, ham, cheese, marmite, tuna (no nuts please)

Miss Horsepool’s class – sausage rolls, pizza slices, cocktail sausages, mini cheeses

Mrs Boscher’s class – small cakes and chocolate biscuits

Please bring in food on the morning of the party. School will provide juice, crisps and fruit.


Parent help

If you would be able to come into school to help wrap ‘gifts’ for the children please speak to your class teacher. This could be at any time next week.


Thank you for your continued support


Weekly note w.b. 13.11.17

Dear parents/carers



Next week in maths we shall be working on addition by building addition stories with cubes and counting on using number lines.

Thank you for the work done at home on Rainbow Maths Targets. We shall continue to check these regularly in school and send home the assessment sheets each time so you can see how they are getting on.



The school has now renewed the Mathletics subscription. Your child should have brought home a letter giving you information of how to use the site or app together with their log on details.



Next week we shall be finishing our work on ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’ Children will be using the iPads to create their own stories and then innovating the story by making changes to the story map.


Children in Need

Next Friday 17th November is Children in Need Day. Children are invited to come to school dressed in spots for a small donation.

We have a stock of glow in the dark wrist bands and head bands in school which children can buy on Monday 13th or Tuesday 14th. These will be on sale in classrooms so please could we ask that children bring money in their book bags.

Wristbands – £1.00

Headbands – £2.50

Please note that children will only be able to buy one item, either a wristband or a headband.

If we then have any left over then these will be available to buy on Friday.


Thank you for your support


Year 1 team


Jelly Bean Challenge

This afternoon in assembly we launched an exciting new Key Stage 1 science and technology challenge!

Please see the details on the poster below. Children will be able to give their 50p to their class teacher from Monday to receive a pack.

We look forward to seeing lots of your entries! Good luck!


Weekly Note w.b. 17.7.17

Dear parents and carers

Next week is our final week of term!

You will receive your child’s school report in an envelope sent home on Monday afternoon. In the envelope will also be a Welcome to Year 2 booklet and card with a photo of your child with their new Year 2 class.

Carrier Bag

Please could all children bring a named carrier bag into school on Monday ready for when we start to send work home later in the week. Please note that some pieces of Captain Cook art work will be kept in school as we are putting up a display in the foyer for September. Work will be returned to the children later in the term.


Please have a good hunt around home this weekend and return all banded reading books and any outstanding library books to school on Monday. No new books will be sent home next week.

End of Term

School finishes at 1pm on Friday 21st July. Children do not need to bring lunch on this day but may bring a second snack e.g. a bag of crisps, sausage roll or biscuits in addition to their normal fruit snack.

We wish you all a very happy summer holiday


Many thanks

Year 1 team


Weekly Note w.b. 26.6.17

Dear Parents/carers



In maths we are going to go back to revisit work on finding a half and a quarter of shapes and quantities of objects. We will then move on to simple sharing problems e.g. If I have 12 sweets and share them between 3 friends, how many will they get each? Children will be able to use practical objects to work out the answers.

Lots of children are making good progress with their Rainbow Maths Targets. Please continue all the great practise that you have been doing at home.


Sports Day

Infant sports day has been rescheduled to the afternoon of Thursday 6th July. All of the arrangements will remain the same as previously stated.


Sponsored Swim

Please could sponsored swimming forms be returned to school before your child’s swimming session. If you are able to help to count lengths then please let your class teacher know.

Mrs Bramley – Monday 26th June 9.00-10.30am

Mrs Boscher – Thursday 29th June 9.15-10.20am

Miss Horsepool – Tuesday 4th July 9.15am-10.30am (Please note that this is the week after most other classes)


Infant Disco

The PTA have organised an infant disco on Friday 14th July. If any parents are willing to help out at the disco, please could they email  merylsnedden@gmail.com or text  on 07781 414270.


Over the next 3 weeks children will be spending a number of session in their new class groups with their new class teachers. We hope that this will help their transition to Year 2.


Many thanks

Year 1 team


Weekly Note w.b. 12.6.17

Dear parents/carers


New Topic – The Sea

We have just begun a new topic all about The Sea. We shall be learning about Captain Cook and his voyages during our lessons and through activities in the Discovery Zone.



Next week is EPIC week! Children in Years 1 and 2 will be working in mixed groups doing different activities with different teachers each day.  On Friday afternoon we shall be holding a whole school celebration on the field with dancing and ice creams.

Teachers have allocated children a different activity each day which will give them the opportunity to try lots of new things including cooking, art, science, coding, dance, tag rugby and playground games.

Children do not need to wear uniform but please could they all wear trainers every day in case they are doing games activities.

We hope that they come home and tell you how epic each day has been!


Sponsored Swim

Your child should now have brought home a sponsorship form for our sponsored swim during the last week of June. You are invited to come in and watch your child swim if you wish.

Mrs Bramley’s class – Monday 26th June  9.15-10.15am

Mrs Bosher’s class – Thursday 29th June 9.15-10.40am

Please note, that Miss Horsepool’s class will be holding their sponsored swim the week after on Tuesday 4th July from 9.15-10.30am.


Sports Day

Our infant sports day is going to be on the afternoon of Tuesday 20th June. More information will be to follow.


Many thanks

Year 1 team


Weekly Note w.b. 1.5.17

Dear parents/carers

Welcome back to the Summer Term. We hope that you all had a lovely Easter break.



Next week in maths we will be working on counting patterns; counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s both forwards and backwards. If you would like to support this work at home then you could help your child to count sets of objects by grouping them in 2’s, 5’s or 10’s e.g.

  • put Lego bricks in towers of 10 and then count 10, 20, 30, 40… to find the total.
  • arrange toy animals in pairs and then count them 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12…to find out how many altogether.

We will also be carrying out some assessment tasks so that we can set the children new Rainbow Maths Targets. Our focus for the summer term will be on addition and subtraction facts, which will allow children to improve their speed and confidence and apply some of the facts they have already learned (number bonds, doubles and halves)



Swimming lessons will begin again this week.

Mrs Bramley’s Class – Monday

Miss Horsepool’s Class – Tuesday

Mrs Boscher’s Class – Thursday

All lessons take place from 9am. If anyone is able to help with any of these swimming slots please speak to your class teacher. It is really useful to have extra help when the children are getting changed.


PE and Games lessons

PE lessons will continue on a Wednesday morning for all classes. Could children please bring shorts, t-shirts and a pair of trainers because when the weather is good, inside lessons may now take place outside instead.

Could we also asked that trainers are now brought into school every Tuesday for our afternoon outdoor session.


Visit to Walled Garden

Just a reminder that we are visiting the Victorian Walled Garden at Saumarez Park to fit in with our Secret Garden topic. We do require additional adult help for these visits so please speak to your class teacher if you are able to come along. We shall be leaving school on the buses at 9.15am and will return by 11.30am.

Mrs Boscher’s class – Tuesday 2nd May

Miss Horsepool’s class – Thursday 4th May

Mrs Bramley’s class – Thursday 11th May


Sunhats and Suncream

Could we ask that all children have a sunhat in school everyday. It is helpful if long lasting suncream is applied before school. As well as our outdoor learning sessions, we shall begin eating lunch outside when the weather is good.

If you would like to purchase a school sun cap then they are available from the office priced £5.00



In order to help prepare our Reception children for the move to Year One, this half term we shall be doing some lunchtime swaps on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Morning Routine

In preparation for Year 2, could we ask that all children now come into school in the mornings independently. Children should line up with the teacher on duty at 8.55am and come in through the Year 1 and 2 door.


Many thanks

Year 1 team


Weekly note w.b. 13.3.17

Dear parents/carers


We shall be continuing our work using money to add totals and find change.

Some children have found using coins a bit of a challenge this week, and so any additional work at home making amounts using coins would be very helpful.

A way to extend this could be to ask your child to find as many ways as they can to make an amount e.g. how many ways can you make 6p? 13p? 49p?

The TopMarks website has some fun games using money:


Next week we shall carry on working on the text the Gruffalo. The children will be describing the Gruffalo and other characters from the story using good descriptive language e.g. terrifying, pointy purple prickles, claws as sharp as needles.

We will also be having a go at writing sentences with a focus on using connectives eg. but, so, then, because, until

This means that a short sentence can be extended to become longer e.g.

  • The snake slid away from the Gruffalo.
  • The snake slid away from the Gruffalo because he was scared that he would be eaten.



Just one final reminder that if you still have a  Readathon sponsorship card and money at home then please could these be brought into school as soon as possible.


Red Nose Day

Red noses will be on sale in school next week priced £1 each. Our school council reps will be selling these in the classrooms during the day. Please note that we only have enough noses for 1 per pupil.

To raise money for Red Nose Day we are having a ‘wear something red day’ on Friday 24th March. Children are invited to come along dressed in red (or wearing something that is red) for a donation of 50p.


Many thanks

Year 1 team



Weekly Update w/c 6th Feb

Dear parents/carers


We shall be continuing our work on information texts as well as doing lots of reading related activities for Book Week!



In maths next week we shall be doing some problem solving involving both addition and subtraction. The children will be able to apply the calculation strategies already taught and develop their understanding of mathematical vocabulary.

If you would like to support this work at home, then posing simple number problems using adding or taking away would be helpful. This can just be done verbally. For example:

There are 12 birds in a tree. 5 fly away. How many are left?

Tom has 7 blue cars and 8 green cars. How many cars does he have altogether?

I have 13 stickers in my sticker book. On Monday I get 4 more. How many are there now?

There are 10 biscuits on a plate. Dad eats 3. How many are there now?

Some children will need to work with numbers within 10, some are able to use numbers to 20 and some are confident with numbers beyond this.


Book Week

Next week is Book Week! On Wednesday we shall be having a visit from author Kristina Stephenson.

On Friday children are invited to come to school dressed up as their favourite book character. If possible, please bring in a copy of the book so that your child can talk about their character.

Also on Friday we are holding a book sale. Please bring in any books that you are happy to donate on Friday morning. Children will have the opportunity to buy a book for 50p.

If you are able to help us out running the sale for an hour or two on Friday morning then please speak to Miss Horsepool.


Internet Safety Day

Tuesday is Internet Safety Day. The children will be bringing home a competition consisting of a poster to decorate. We will have discussed aspects of Internet Safety in school with them. Please see the blog post on the main St Martins School page for more information.


School Closure Day

Just a reminder that we are closed on Monday 6th Feb for a staff training day.


Many thanks

Year 1 team


Book Week Competition

This year we will be once again holding a Book Week from 6th – 10th February.

During this week Key Stage 1 shall be having a visit from Kristina Stephenson, author of the Sir Charlie Stinky Socks books.

There is a website which tells you more about the books, which are also available as ebooks and an interactive iPad app! www.sircharliestinkysocks.co.uk

To prepare the children for this visit the Schools Library Service have organised a competition. Your child should have brought home an entry form on which they can design a sock! The brighter and bolder the better!

Please return all entries to school by next Monday 23rd January (These can be handed to your child’s teacher)

Three entries will be shortlisted and sent to the library who will choose a ‘Top 3.’ These children will be invited to attend a Public Author performance at Castle Cornet at 4.30pm on Thursday 9th February. (If you are interested in attending please get hold of the library!) The winners will each receive a prize from Kristina herself.

If you’d like any more information please contact the library on 714098.

Good luck everyone!