Weekly Note – w/c 12.3.18

In our literacy lessons next week we will be doing some work using a short video called ‘Book of Butterflies’ as a stimulus. Children will be thinking about how they can improve sentences by adding describing (Wow) words and will have a go at innovating the story to make it their own.

In maths we will be continuing to work on Rainbow Targets as well as continuing to do some work on money including finding change and word problems.

Rainbow Targets

We will be continuing to work on doubles and halves Rainbow Targets for a few weeks after the Easter holidays. Some children have now moved on from doubles to halves and due to this half term being very short (and now even shorter due to the snow!) we would like to give more children the opportunity to have a go a halves. We will then move onto addition and subtraction targets later on in the summer term.

Teach your Child to Read Evening

Helping your child learn to read at home is a key way to support their learning. Literacy expert and lead literacy intervention teacher Kelly Child will be leading a parent and carer information evening in our school hall on Monday 19th March 7-8pm. Kelly will outline useful strategies and activities you can do at home with your child. If you would like to come along please email our school office – office@stmartins.sch.gg .This should be a fantastic evening so please make the time to come along!

Home Sharing

We have started using a website called j2e for the children to save their work. This could be a photograph (work selfie) of a piece of work that they are proud of or a photograph or video of something that they have made in the Discovery Zone. The children will have come home today with a QR code which is their log in for their personal j2e account. They will be able use this QR code at home to log on and share their learning with you.

In the Discovery Zone, Children will be able to choose for themselves when they save something to j2e so please don’t expect to find something everyday and some children will save things more than others. We will ensure that children save something at least each half term.

As part of our e-safety lessons we have explained to children the importance of not sharing their password/QR code or letting anyone else use it, so please could you let your child log on using their QR code rather than doing it for them. Your child will then be able to find their work on their account to share with you.

We are hope that you and your child enjoy this experience of being able to share your child’s learning together.

Please access j2e using this link: https://www.j2e.com/dashboard/#manage

then click on the QR code symbol which will bring up the camera for you to scan the QR code. Please note that you will only be able to access j2e if you have a device with a camera.

Thank you

The Year 1 Team


2 thoughts on “Weekly Note – w/c 12.3.18

  1. Great to see the children’s work on J2e. In case it helps anyone, the QR scanner on my Mac didn’t work but I downloaded the J2e app (called “J2Launch”) onto my iPad (free to download) and used the QR scanner (top right) – this seemed to work.

    • Thanks for this information. We use the J2e launch app on the school ipads so the children are familiar with it.

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