Weekly note w/c 26.2.18

Dear Parents/Carers


We hope you are all looking forward to half term next week. If you have any pictures that you could bring in of somewhere that you have been in Guernsey or if you have been away to share when you get back that would be wonderful and we can put them up on our Guernsey and World maps in the classroom.



Please remember that on Wednesday 7th March at 7pm we have an e-safety information evening run by Matthew Parker. It would be great to see you there as I’m sure it will give you lots of information about how to keep your children safe online.


Science Home Learning Challenge

The children have loved having a go at making spinners in school and seeing what they can do to keep them in the air the longest. They also had a chance to see who had made the best spinner in assembly too which added to the excitement. The children will come home with a letter explaining how you can make spinners at home and see if they can improve on what they have already made. They will also come home with a template that you can use too. This is an optional challenge, but if you have a go we would love to see how you get on!



We will be continuing with looking at Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children are reciting this story most days and have been taught signs to help with remembering the story too. We have learnt actions to go with the words ‘early one morning, so, but, after that, first, next, first, who, at that moment, suddenly & finally.’ The children are doing a fabulous job at using these so they may like to show you themselves.



This week we will be looking at making amounts of money. The children have already been trying some of this using their real money in the Discovery Zone and doing a wonderful job. We will also move onto giving change too.


Over the last few weeks we have been having a lot of left over fruit after each break time which has been tricky to send back home because they aren’t named. Please could we ask that fruit is named either on the skin (for things like bananas) or put into a named tub so that if it is not eaten it can be taken back home and reduce the amount being thrown out.


Year 1 team


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