Weekly Note w/c 9.10.17

Dear parents/carers



Next week we shall be working on addition and also naming and describing 2D shapes.

If you would like to find a few minutes to name basic 2D shapes and talk about corners and sides then this would be helpful preparation for this work.



On Tuesday we shall be watching Year 3’s Harvest assembly in the school hall.

As part of our Harvest celebrations, pupils may like to bring a small box filled with non-perishable or packaged foods that an elderly or infirm person would enjoy. All children are asked to bring their boxes in on the 10th October to the main hall. The GVS Meals on Wheels Service will distribute the Harvest boxes within our local community. Please check all food is in date – the GVS have to make sure the food is fit for consumption!


School Council

In the coming week, each class from year 1 upwards will be holding elections to vote for a class school council representative. In Year 1 we will be asking children who are interested to tell the rest of the class why they think they should vote for them to be on the school council. Children will then vote to select their class representative.

The school council meets at lunchtimes on a regular basis and it is a chance for children to raise issues from their class as well as discussing a whole school agenda which they will then bring back to share with the class. In previous years the school council have organised fund raising events, helped to sort out playground equipment and think of ways in which the children would like to improve the school.


Digital Leaders

We are introducing digital leaders across the school. One digital leader will be chosen per class and they will have various responsibilities including being a technical expert within their class and helping their peers to use digital technology. They will also be responsible for ensuring that the ipads are charged and looked after carefully. The digital leaders will be required to attend regular lunchtime meetings with all the other digital leaders where they will learn their responsibilities and be taught how to use apps more confidently as well as learning to use new apps which they can then show their class.

Interested children will be asked to apply for the role by filling in an application form. This process will start to give them awareness of the real world of work and how you have to apply and interview for a job.

The children have had an assembly to introduce them to what being a digital leader will involve and have brought home an application form if they are interested. Please talk about the role with your child and help them to fill in the application form if they would like to apply. It needs to be returned to your child’s teacher by Friday 13th October.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Bramley.


Rhubarb Theatre Company

On Thursday we shall have a visit from the Rhubarb Theatre Company who will perform a show about travelling back in time.


Jelly Bean Challenge

Hopefully you will have seen the blog post earlier this week about our new Key Stage One Jelly Bean Challenge! The resources have arrived earlier than expected, and so children are welcome to bring in 50p to get a kit from this Monday 9th October.


Thank you for your continued support

Year 1 team

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