The eggs are hatching!!

Exciting things have started to happen today in the Discovery Zone. We have had some turkey eggs in an incubator for the last month and they have just started to hatch! There is one chick so far and some more eggs with cracks in so hopefully the children will get to see some eggs hatching over the next few days.  IMG_9477-wg2xnt

The caterpillars have also begun to get ready for their transformation into butterflies. They will soon be chrysalis’.

We are in for an exciting week learning about life cycles!

2 thoughts on “The eggs are hatching!!

  1. Wow! How exciting! Sam loved looking at the photos. Have you named him/her yet? Thanks for keeping us updated.

    • No name yet but I’m sure it won’t take long! It now as a friend as well. looking forward to seeing how many more we get tomorrow! Hope you are keeping well.

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