Pancake Day

In literacy next week we are going to have a story telling week where we read and do activities based on lots of different traditional tales. To link with Shrove Tuesday, one of these stories will be The Very Big Pancake. We are hoping that we will be able to make pancakes with the children, however in order to do so we would appreciate some parent volunteers to help with the cooking (and tossing if you are able!) of the pancakes. If you are able to help out for an hour or so at any time on Tuesday, please could you comment on this post letting us know what time you will be available to help. Thank you

We hope you are having a lovely half term and are looking forward to seeing the children back on Monday.

The Year 1 team


Weekly Update – w/c 13th February

In maths next week we will finishing our work on addition and subtraction problems. We will also be doing some work on shape and measure. We are continuing to work on the Rainbow Target of doubling an halving after half term. Please click here for the links to the activities which you can use to help your child practise these targets.

In literacy we will be finishing our animal information fact files using the app ‘Pic Collage’ on the ipads.

We are really pleased that most children are now coming into school by themselves. Please could we ask that you don’t come into school in the mornings to change books or read with your child – it can be very overwhelming for children when there are lots of adults around. We request that you only come in before school if you need to speak to your child’s teacher urgently.  You are welcome to e-mail or speak to the teachers after school for less urgent matters.

Please could we remind you that children who come to breakfast club should leave their bags in the cloakroom before school rather than putting them away in the classrooms. When they come in at 8.55 with the rest of the children they are then able to put their bags away independently.

PE will remain on a Wednesday after half term. Please could we remind you that all children should have their PE kits in school on this day.

Half Term is from Monday 20th February until Friday 24th February so we will see the children again on Monday 27th February. We look forward to seeing you next week for the parents appointments.

Thank you for your support,

The Year 1 team


Weekly Update w/c 6th Feb

Dear parents/carers


We shall be continuing our work on information texts as well as doing lots of reading related activities for Book Week!



In maths next week we shall be doing some problem solving involving both addition and subtraction. The children will be able to apply the calculation strategies already taught and develop their understanding of mathematical vocabulary.

If you would like to support this work at home, then posing simple number problems using adding or taking away would be helpful. This can just be done verbally. For example:

There are 12 birds in a tree. 5 fly away. How many are left?

Tom has 7 blue cars and 8 green cars. How many cars does he have altogether?

I have 13 stickers in my sticker book. On Monday I get 4 more. How many are there now?

There are 10 biscuits on a plate. Dad eats 3. How many are there now?

Some children will need to work with numbers within 10, some are able to use numbers to 20 and some are confident with numbers beyond this.


Book Week

Next week is Book Week! On Wednesday we shall be having a visit from author Kristina Stephenson.

On Friday children are invited to come to school dressed up as their favourite book character. If possible, please bring in a copy of the book so that your child can talk about their character.

Also on Friday we are holding a book sale. Please bring in any books that you are happy to donate on Friday morning. Children will have the opportunity to buy a book for 50p.

If you are able to help us out running the sale for an hour or two on Friday morning then please speak to Miss Horsepool.


Internet Safety Day

Tuesday is Internet Safety Day. The children will be bringing home a competition consisting of a poster to decorate. We will have discussed aspects of Internet Safety in school with them. Please see the blog post on the main St Martins School page for more information.


School Closure Day

Just a reminder that we are closed on Monday 6th Feb for a staff training day.


Many thanks

Year 1 team