Weekly Note – w/c 12.12.16

We were really proud of the children for their performance in the Christmas Concert. We think they all did a fantastic job and we hope you enjoyed it!

Mrs Bramley and Miss Horsepool’s classes have already enjoyed their trip to the museum. Mrs Boscher’s Class will be going on Monday morning.

Our Christmas party will be on Wednesday 14th December. Children may wear party clothes to school on this day. The children will still be having playtimes on this day so please could you ensure that they wear sensible shoes and bring coats to school.

We ask that you provide a small amount of food for the party lunch (only enough for 6 children so that we don’t have too much waste). Please could each class bring the following:

Mrs Bramley’s Class – small cakes and chocolate biscuits

Miss Horsepool’s Class – sandwiches and rolls (no peanut butter or Nutella please)

Mrs Boscher’s Class – fruit and veg eg. grapes, cucumber sticks, carrot sticks,

If your child has any allergies or specific dietary requirements, please could they bring their normal packed lunch to eat. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you have any questions.

We will be walking to St Martin’s Church on Thursday 15th December at 1.15pm to watch the Year 5 Christmas Service. Thank you to those parents who have already said they can help accompany us. We still need some more helpers. Please let your child’s class teacher know if you are able to come.

The term will finish on Tuesday 20st December at 1pm. Children will not need lunch on this day but may bring an extra snack to eat at break time.

Thank you for all your support this term, we wish you a very Happy Christmas and hope that you enjoy the break.

The Year 1 Team.

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