Rainbow Maths Targets – Number Bonds and Doubling


Here are some online activities which you can use to help your child practise their targets based on number bonds and doubling.

Number Bonds

Hit the Button (also available as an app)

Save the Whale

Alien Number Bonds

Ghost Blasters (change the starting number to 10 or 20)

Number Bond Machine

Number Twins

Number Bond Balls


Doubling Machine

Hit the Button – Doubles

Hit the Button – Halves

Monkey Driving

Ladybird Doubles

Dartboard Doubles

One thought on “Rainbow Maths Targets – Number Bonds and Doubling

  1. In our class we have been playing games to help us learn our targets.

    One of our favourites uses dominoes to help quick adding of single digit numbers (some children have a target of knowing addition facts up to the total of 5)

    Turn a box of dominoes face down on the table
    Partner A turns over a domino and adds the dots to find the total (we have been trying not to count the dots, but say out loud ‘4 add 3 makes 7.’ We know that we can count on from the largest number if we get stuck!)
    Partner B then turns over a domino and adds their dots together.
    The person with the highest total keeps both dominoes.
    Keep playing until all the dominoes are used up – the person with the most wins!

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